At Yewa, we base our philosophy on three principles:

The search for originality, respect for tiny details, and passion for know-how.

Yewa is our way of understanding and actively expressing life through the creation of authentic products; Products made by the best craftsmen in Iran and with the best raw materials available on the market. One of our secrets lies in using the best-tanned sheepskin.

We, humans, seem to have lost the most essential and necessary element in objects today, in the hustle and bustle of buying worthless products – and precisely intended for surplus consumption – the extreme trend to produce cheaper and faster:

The Soul.

Our mission is to restore the good traditions of our ancestors. The ways of doing things that our grandparents left us in the past when time passed slower and life was touched and understood in detail. Focus on sustainability with precision and bias using the best sustainable raw materials. To us, sustainability means creating products that will last a lifetime.

On this planet, we produce 100 million clothes a year, half of which end up in the trash in less than a year. That’s why our designs are based on reliable, high-quality raw materials and obsessively keep small details.

We’re making our products to last longer, like in the past. This distinction is our legacy from our ancestors who knew how to live in harmony with nature.